COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience across all sectors

@Ririn Purnamasari & Zainab Ali Ahmad

As a result of the pandemic, healthcare organizations face continued uncertainty. Health providers and systems will need to adapt and find new ways to balance COVID-19-related work with providing regular healthcare services. Building on our previous COVID-19 insights, ISSER will engage in research that that features perspectives on global trends, tools and recommendations to help support Ghana and the global community’s efforts towards a strong recovery and resilience of the health and other broad sectors.

We leverage on ISSER’s expertise to provide some adaptable approaches to specific demographics, communities, and workplaces, especially vulnerable populations.  Based on global perspectives, common themes for successful and sustainable recovery for health systems and providers are emerging. We consider the following areas as priorities for further research: digital transformation, improving investment in the health workforce, increased collaboration among the health sector and other key sectors, and health financing options to ensure a sustainable recovery.